Sunstone Introduces the Pico Closed-Loop Feedback DC Welder for Fine Welding

Jul 8, 2021

Sunstone is excited to introduce the Pico, a closed-loop feedback DC welder with built-in force and displacement monitoring.

As an advanced, closed-loop feedback DC welder, the Pico is specifically engineered for extremely fine welds. With built-in force and displacement monitoring, this new welder provides unmatched precision, control and monitoring. Closed-loop feedback improves quality control with real-time monitoring and sends an alert whenever a weld lies outside user-defined parameters.

“The Pico’s closed-loop feedback and built-in force and displacement technology makes it an attractive welding solution,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “In a fully automated environment, the Pico’s monitoring and real-time reporting capabilities will significantly contribute to a manufacturer’s quality control efforts. Moreover, all these features are built into one component, a unique benefit not found in other DC welders. The Pico is an all-in-one welder that saves on capital equipment costs.”

The Pico’s closed-loop feedback capabilities provide real-time monitoring of every weld. Should a weld fall outside parameters set by the operator, the Pico sends a time-stamped alarm. Given that circumstance, the operator can program the Pico to either pause further welding to allow for inspection or make note of the discrepancy and continue welding. Closed-loop feedback monitoring, as found in the Pico, significantly strengthens a manufacturer’s quality control processes.

As with many of Sunstone’s micro welders, the Pico is controlled by an 8” color touchscreen interface, including all necessary weld head controls and programming. The digital interface shortens the learning process and greatly simplifies operation. The on-board software can be updated using the welder’s Wi-Fi connectivity features. The welder is PLC and automation ready.

“For highly automated production floors, where fine materials are being connected, the Pico is a great fit,” says Young. “When paired with the Sunstone Micro E weld head, the welder’s force, displacement, and digital weld head controls make it one of the most precise welding solutions available.”

Manufacturers who need thermal compression welding, or who weld fine wires, solar cells, PCB’s, magnets, coil terminations, electronics, heating elements, or fine ribbon bonding will find the Pico exceptionally valuable to their production processes.

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