Meet the New Sunstone Micro E Electromagnetic Linear Motion Micro Weld Head

Jul 7, 2021

Meet the all-new Micro E electromagnetic linear motion micro weld held that provides industry-leading precision welding.

Sunstone’s Micro E weld head is engineered for ultra-high precision, delivering as little as 30 grams in force within 1 micron in positional accuracy, numbers that surpass competitive weld heads.

“With the Micro E weld head, Sunstone has significantly raised the bar when it comes to accuracy,” says Jonathan Young, president of Sunstone Engineering. “The weld head’s electromagnetic linear motion allows the unit to apply force within 1 micron of positional accuracy, a degree of precision hard to find anywhere else. Moreover, the Micro E’s ability to accurately place 30 grams of force on the electrode during the weld is an industry best. I’ve never been more excited for our customers to put this weld head to use and I am incredibly proud of what the Sunstone team has accomplished in designing and producing this new micro weld head.”

Force, position, and displacement feedback monitoring is part of the Micro E’s data analytics capabilities, offering attractive savings over competing weld heads when paired with the Sunstone Pico welder. The Micro E comes with attached 5x microscopic optics and 300 lumens of built-in LED lighting. The Micro E is fit for applications that require precision welding, such as microelectronics, electric motors and coils, actuators, magnetic wire, and any other situation that requires a fine weld in a specific spot for R&D or automated production.

The Micro E currently pairs only with the Sunstone Pico closed-loop feedback, direct current resistance welder. Further development will allow the Micro E weld head to pair with Sunstone’s existing line of CDDP-A capacitive discharge welders.

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