Sunstone's Pro E Weld Head Setting New Standards for High Precision Welding

Aug 1, 2023

Thane Kennedy. product manager at Sunstone Engineering LLC

Thane Kennedy
Product Manager

Sunstone's Pro E electromagnetic weld head includes full monitoring, sets new standards for high precision welding.

I have been very impressed with the Pro E, Sunstone's most advanced weld head to date. An advanced, electromagnetic drive is the Pro E's secret sauce for incredible precision and feedback features. Here's what I like most:

±1 Micron Positional Displacement Accuracy

The linear electromagnetic drive lets you place just the right amount of force on the workpiece to generate an optimal weld. And when I say "optimal weld" in relationship to positional displacement, I'm talking about how far the electrode will move, or the amount of force applied, as the work piece transitions from a solid state a molten state. Of course, you can control the amount of desired force to be applied and the Pro E will oblige with positional displacement accuracy of plus or minus one micron.

Digital Feedback for Force, Displacement, and Position

The Pro E uses an advanced electromagnetic drive that provides the smoothest, most consistent welding results compared to other weld heads. The Pro E offers force, displacement, and positional feedback generating consistent welding results from one weld to the next. Ideal for automated manufacturing processes, the Pro E ensures every weld is completed within predetermined specifications without operator intervention.

The Pro E has a base that can be quickly adjusted to provide the perfect electrode height for any workpiece or application. Given that force, displacement, and positional feedback are built into the weld head, the Pro E does not require additional components to provide full monitoring, which saves valuable space in tight manufacturing environments.

The Pro E has a force range of 1 to 25 pounds, a maximum electrode stroke of 25 mm, and a footprint of 13 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 24 inches in height (for the parallel model).

Pro E electromagnetic weld head includes monitoring, available in parallel or opposed configuration.

Parallel or Opposed Configuration

Depending on your manufacturing need, the Pro E is available in an opposed or parallel configuration. In the parallel configuration, the Pro E utilizes twin linear electromagnetic drives, placed side by side. In the opposed configuration, the Pro E sports a flexible, 80/20 base to support the static, underside electrode.

Pro E electromagnetic weld head parallel configuration close up.Pro E electromagnetic weld head in opposed configuration close up.

Parallel or Opposed Configuration

You'll favor the Pro E’s data feedback. When paired with Sunstone’s CD, DC, HF, and AC welders, you can program the Pro E with follow-up force and weld-to-displacement parameters for consistent welding results. When working with tungsten, copper, molybdenum, and other reactive metals, you can program the weld head to minimize splash by automatically adjusting to data feedback coming from the Pro E.

All of that means just one thing: Pair the Pro E with a Sunstone welder and you'll be impressed with the results.

USA Quality and Durability

Built in the United States with a noticeable robust look and feel, the Pro E is designed for high-output manufacturing environments and associated industrial requirements. The Pro E has a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty and qualifies for the Sunstone Circle product protection program that protects the Pro E above and beyond the scope of the warranty.

“The advanced electromagnetic drive design is the secret to the success behind the Pro E,” said Jonathan Young, CEO at Sunstone Welders. “Manufacturers will be impressed by this weld head’s fluid motion, high precision, the amount of data it provides, and that it is ready to become a part of any automated manufacturing process. The Pro E is a premium weld head, setting a very high standard in performance and consequently providing manufacturers with a high standard in quality control.”

If your manufacturing process includes automated processes, such as those engaged in the automotive, electronics, battery, aerospace, and medical device industries you'll find the Pro E a viable solution to your welding challenges.