Sunstone's Omega Welder Paving the Way for Copper Welding

Mar 15, 2021

Recently, Sunstone’s newest welder, the Omega PA250i, was featured in Charged Magazine as doing what few other welders can: attach copper to steel or aluminum. You can read more about the details here.

Since the release of this article, the interest in the Omega has increased dramatically for two reasons: First, more EV companies are looking to use copper to connect batteries, and second, because copper is difficult to weld, more organizations are looking to the Omega to overcome copper welding challenges.

Why are more EV manufacturers turning to copper as their preferred metal?

The Case for Copper

So why is copper such a sought-after metal among EV manufacturers? First, it’s an extremely good conductor to both electricity and heat, and is more malleable than other metals. Additionally, no other metal, including aluminum and steel, is able to accommodate energy flow like copper. Using copper tabs during battery production increases the performance of the power cell as there’s less resistance between two dissimilar metals.

Additional benefits to copper include:

  • Affordability: Compared to nickel or clad, copper is significantly more affordable.
  • Malleable: The malleability of copper makes it very easy to install in EVs. 
  • High electrical conductivity: The metal is able to transport electricity quickly and safely, a huge benefit for EVs in terms of battery efficiency.
  • Higher corrosion resistance: Unlike other metals that corrode easily to acid, copper does not. 
  • Ductility: When copper is under stress, it may bend, but it won’t break.
  • Low thermal expansion: Most EVs have a higher temperature compared to other vehicles. The low thermal expansion in copper means that it doesn’t expand and contract as much as other materials, making it the perfect choice for wiring applications.
  • Tensile strength: Reliability is a huge concern for EV manufacturers, as well as users, which is why many manufacturers are using copper for infrastructural wiring as it’s less likely to break.

The Future of EVs is with Copper and Sunstone

With all the benefits that come from using copper, it’s not a surprise that more of it will be used in EV manufacturing. In fact, one report from Wood Mackenzie stated that by 2030, the electromobility-driven demand for copper will increase by an astounding 250%. As more and more manufacturers turn to copper, they’re also turning to the Sunstone Omega PA 205i battery welding system

The Omega welder has overcome some of the biggest challenges to welding EV batteries. Our newest welder, the system has an all-new design and stronger performance. The latest update includes a new motorized weld head that provides users with great control, precision, and uniformity, everything needed for clean, precise battery spot welding

With solderless connections, a small heat-affected zone, and clean weld spots, users are able to make clean, strong welds that ensure there’s no resistance between two dissimilar materials, no voltage drops, and no degradation to the battery. With 250 joules of power, the Omega battery welding system is Sunstone’s most powerful welder yet—and we’re just getting started.

Thane Kennedy, Product Manager at Sunstone, stated: “Sunstone is currently in the middle of testing the performance of copper, nickel, and clad tabs while carrying different power loads. We’ll soon be able to show how each tab compares to the other. We’re recording the tests with both an infrared and standard camera, which will help record temperature and physical effects to the tab and battery can. As we expected, a copper tab outperforms the others. These tests will allow us to provide empirical evidence as well as quantify the advantages of copper. I’m excited to share the results soon.”

Which EV Manufacturers Benefit the Most?

The electric scooter and eBike markets are exploding due to significant increase in consumer demand. The COVID pandemic has generated unprecedented interest in outdoor activities and the competition is fierce. The winning models will be those EVs that deliver a favorable customer experience based on battery life and power. The Omega can help EV manufacturers propel their products above the competition.

EV manufacturers are encouraged to request a sample of the Omega welder to see how our welder outperforms all others. All requests can be made by calling or texting +1 801-658-0015 or visiting the Omega Welder product page.