New Sunstone Webpage Helps Customers Find Micro Welding Videos Easier

Mar 24, 2021

One of the hardest things about deciding on a new micro welder is knowing if it will properly weld your application. In this world of micro welding it's not uncommon to be fusing critical pieces on automobiles, planes, rockets or even jewelry. The applications are numberless, but in the end, everyone wants to know the same thing, will this Sunstone system weld my application? Will it be the fastest and most efficient option? Will my pieces be fused together sufficiently? These are all valid questions that, understandably, are on everyone's mind when it comes to purchasing a Sunstone welder.


Since Sunstone started back in the early 2000's, they've filmed their systems performing welds at every opportunity. This was done to provide potential customers with a visual proof of concept. Now, years later, hundreds of these videos line the Sunstone Welders YouTube channel.

That’s not enough

Sunstone realized that surfing YouTube can take you down rabbit holes. Before you know it you're watching cats again. Why does this always happen??  In an effort to stop watching cats and start watching more micro welding, Sunstone created a webpage that will filter through all it's micro welding videos based on applications, metals, and/or Sunstone products. This is an awesome resource that will allow you to narrow down your search to a specific handful of micro welding videos that show you exactly what you need.


If you know you need to weld Nitinol, then you would simply go to the "Videos" page, select the metals filter, select Nitinol and voila. Now you have every video Sunstone has ever made welding Nitinol.

Wait, it gets better. Now you’ve seen the video and want to know more about the product being used in the video. No problem! There is a button below the video that says, "Related Product". Just click that button and a new window will open with the product used in that video.


It's never been quicker or easier to see a micro welding proof of concept video and lean about the product at the same time!